Tuesday, January 29, 2013

O and K

O and K are two great letters.
When used side by side they have the ability to make things all better. (well sometimes)

OK can, however, carry with it various meanings. 

If your talking to your mom and she reminds you that everything is going to be okay -- you suddenly feel a bit if peace in your heart.


if you're asking your husband how you look in your new red dress, and he says "ok" -- you say "is that all, just ok?"

It can sometimes be vague, an easy reply to answer.

Today I was playing upstairs with my son and I took a large bouncy ball and rolled it toward him. Then I randomly tossed a magnetic letter to him. After he finished playing with the ball and the letter, this is what I discovered.

 I had no idea that I had tossed him the letter 'K" 

I looked down and noticed the word.
And right there.
In that little moment.
I felt peace.

Remembering that it will be ok. 

C if U can find O and K 2morrow.

Oh, quick tid-bit.

I learned this week that the word ok, tipped on its side, looks like a little stick figure.
Have you ever noticed him? 
Write down the word ok somewhere, take a breath, and say hi to this little guy you've been ignoring all your life. 

Wishing you an ok week.

Be Blessed friends!  

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