Monday, January 28, 2013

Unlikely Gifts~ A lesson on Opposites


Yesterday I read my son a book about opposites. It is so important that children
 learn that everything is not the same. They need to know that not
everything is fast, cold, and shiny all the time.

Adults need to remember their opposites too.

I am learning with some wonderful women about remaining
in a state of thanksgiving, even in the midst of hardships.

Yesterday, we met and shared our blessings for the week-- all of
which were positive/happy things that we experienced.
We talked about how this is really an easy thing.
It's easy to count joy when we feel joy.

What about when joy is non-existent?

What about when you feel anger?

What about when you feel grace-less?

James 1:2 teaches us to consider it joy when you face trials of many kind.
Yeah, right. Are you serious about this James? Is this really possible?

The rest of the verse goes on to tell us that the testing of this faith
produces steadfastness, and when steadfastness has its full effect, we will be complete.

Okay James, I see where you are coming from, but still seems hard to me.
Is this kind of what you mean?

What this teaches us it to know that the hurt of the right now,
will bring joy in some way later!

So, in celebration of thinking differently, and understanding opposites, I
brought the girls in our group a gift. Each gift was an unlikely gift.
Not a bad gift, but a gift you would not expect to receive. At the end of our
study, we opened up our gifts.
A can, a straw, a coffee filter, a dryer sheet, a jar, and my gift
I received from myself.... dead leaves!

I got my least favorite gift. I am typically attracted to shiny and pretty!
These leaves are polar opposite- dull, dead, and shiny.

So, what are we going to do with these unlikely gifts?
We are going to consider them as joy and find a way to use them as a gift this week.
Next week we will share how our unlikely gift turned into a blessing.
Each week we will take turns being the gift giver and find the good in the not so good.

Here is what I did with my dull dead leaves.
I placed them in a pretty bowl and set them beside my pretty lantern with sparkly ornaments.

It is actually quite beautiful. A gift.

and be blessed.

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