Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chapter 1~ a picture and a plane

Chapter 1...

This is gonna take awhile.
Writing a book is a process and I am in NO rush to finish it.
Well, I do have a deadline though.
12 months.
1 Chapter each month.
During the next 12 months I hope to grow, learn, reflect, and gain confidence as
a writer.
I just know I am letting the spirit lead on this one.
I'll just do my best to be faithful, fruitful, and thankful.

My class I am taking right now is teaching me to think clearly through
my intentions and goals. Being organized is fun for me and I plan to take make this
process as organized AND fun as possible along the way.

One of my goals to help with my focis
is to participate in the HelloMornings Challenge.

Here's the Big Idea
Every morning during the challenge YOU:

1. Experience quality time with God.
2. Intentionally plan your day
3. Exercise regularly

If you are up for the challenge click on the link and join in:


Hope your Tuesday has been blessed extraordinarily!

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