Thursday, November 21, 2013

Remembering and Forgetting...

The bread broke.
Thanksgiving spoke.
And he told them to remember.

He first gave thanks to His father, before anything else.
And reminded them to remember Him.

As Christians, we need this reminder everyday.
Every single day we need Jesus and we need to remember His sacrifice.

Why are we prone to forget of His love?
Why do we so often forget that we weren't made for this world?
Why is it we work so hard on earth to attain and maintain, when eternity awaits us
and the kingdom is waiting to be brought down?

As Thanksgiving approaches, may we step into a state of remembering Him.

Seek love and walk in faith.
Discern what is pleasing to Him.
And make melody to the Lord with all your heart.

Every time we remember, we please our Father.

Break your bread.
Give thanks.
And remember Him today.

This I pray for us.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vista Views

I receive a text last night from my mom that says, "Oh my... Please go to Moody Radio when you have time and listen to Chris Fabry's Broadcast, Open Spaces...WOW. It has a lot to do with places and it's set to music."

I love when people share great sermons, or great music, or great anythings!
And I especially love the beautiful art of combining spoken word and gentle music.

WOW was the perfect description of this broadcast.

What mom didn't know was that the pianist that was featured in the show is one my favorites.
His name is Stanton Lanier. And His new album, Open Spaces, was the background music for the entire show. He shares his music and his story and uses Psalm 119 as meditative scripture to guide you through the words written by David--- the man after God's own heart.

Stanton Lanier Open Spaces Cover

Psalm 119: 44-46
"I will keep your law continually, forever and ever, and I shall walk in a wide place, for I have sought your precepts. I will also speak of your testimonies before kings and shall not be put to to shame."

What is your space? Where is your vista view?
God's palette is used every day.
He paints the sky, whether it be gray or pink or blue or orange.
He casts His creation upon us and wants us to experience the vista views of this world.
I believe He does this to unite the Heavenly kingdom with His earth.
But we get to see what we want.

I hope you take time to notice today.

And I hope you can find a space in your day to experience this broadcast and I hope it brings a few "wows" into your day.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Unknown Treasure

I found it at Goodwill.
I liked the handle and the heaviness.
The color and the feel of it in my hands.

It was .59 cents

After a year, I finally decided to turn it over and see who made it.

Aletha Soule."Cool name," I thought.
I googled.
"What?" This mug, this beautiful piece of pottery I found for less than $1.00 was really worth $40.00 and was made by a passionate potter who worked from Soule Studio in California?

For the past year I had sipped my coffee from unknown treasure that had been carefully formed and created on the other side of the country. I didn't know because I hadn't looked.

I have a feeling we all have something or maybe someone in our lives that is like my mug.
My unknown treasure.
Maybe it's an antique that's been in your family that your grandma gave to you, but you never heard the story of its being?
Maybe it's a new friend who's story you haven't heard yet?
Or maybe it's more than that?

Maybe there is buried deep within our souls an abundance of treasures that are ready and waiting to be found? Treasures that have been there for years, but you just haven't looked within. You just haven't turned over your mug.

I'm praying for you. Right now in the corner chair in my room.
I'm praying you discover of unknown treasure.
Maybe in yourself? In someone elses? Or maybe on the bottom of a $1.00 mug?

It's waiting for you to see.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Every moment is a movement...

"Every place the sole of your foot treads is  yours. Occupy each place until I come and fill the earth with the knowledge of my Glory."

Moments are movements.
They are tiny experiences, given to us as gifts to experience from one to the next, in order to unite the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth.

Your first sip of coffee this morning, is a moment that will move you out the door.
Your quiet time with Christ, is a moment that will move you in the direction of His calling.
Moments are everywhere and they are waiting for you to notice them.
They are gifts waiting to be unwrapped.

Below is a story poem that I wrote this past summer while on the beach, called Old Shoe, New Shoe.
This is a story about perspective. It's about two shoes and the conversation they share about living life. Coming from two walks of life, one nearing the end of his journey, and the other, just beginning his, they both teach each other to find the satisfaction in where they are.

There once we two shoes, one old and one new. Both had doubt in the soles of their shoes. The old had lost his partner, many years ago. The new shoe had a mate that was on the shelf below.

“I’m worn out, scuffed, unwanted, and used, no one needs me,” said the old shoe to the new.

“That’s not true, said the shoe that was new. You have memories and stories in the soles of your shoes."

“You have a history, you know where you’ve been. Be proud of those wrinkles you have on your skin.”

“You stand as a reminder to one and to all to see your road through even after you fall.”

“I’m the one with worries,” said the new to the old. I have no idea where I’m going and what these soles will hold.”

“What if my roads are winding and long and my soles wear out early and my laces aren’t strong?”

Do you have any wisdom before I step out?
Something to help the fear and the doubt?
Something to be my stepping stone?
Something you’ve learned?
Something life’s shown?

The old shoe paused and looked down at his laces. He thought about time and all of the places. The places and spaces that his soles had been. Then he stopped and smiled at the wrinkles on his skin.

“You’re very first step is out of the door, so tie up those laces and go out in the world.”

“Every step matters, because every step leads, so keep walking, keep trying, and just do the next thing.”

“Don’t turn back, whatever you do. Keep the faith in the soles of your shoes.”

“If you step in a hole, step right back out. Holes teach us lessons and set us about.”

“Horizontal or vertical, whatever the view, keep walking, keep learning, and see your road through.”

Here’s the lesson from the shoes to you.

Keep walking.
Keep learning.
And see your road through.

 Remember you are treading on His ground today.
Ground that is Holy and in need of His glory.
Enjoy every moment and movement.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

When God says Go...

Art is happening.

We are making it.
And we are living it.

It's a force that can not be reckoned with.
It's unstoppable.

we will make art
Emily Freeman's book, A Million Little Ways, is breaking apart more pieces of my heart and making more space for God to do His work.

And what I've learned most about brokenness... is that it makes way for space.
Space to renovate and be restored with strength.
And strength that sparks growth.

And when growth begins, God is saying "Go."
"Go and make disciples."
"Go and sin no more."
"Go and make art."

And that we will.
We will make art.

This picture was taken early this morning as I was on my way to a local craft fair. The moment called out my name and said, "Now. Right now, you need to take a picture."

I am so thankful for this moment and the gift it brought.
I was only hoping to capture the beauty of the fog seeping through the bare, leafless trees.
I was only hoping to capture the bit of sunlight the fog was letting by.

Instead I captured them all and a little green light at the bottom.
A green light that reminded me to GO and make art.

Let's go together friends.
Let's let God pour out of us and use us for His heavenly plan.
Let's watch His masterpiece move.

Now GO get Emily's Book and be ready for the blessings to flow.