Sunday, January 13, 2013

Facing the Sun and The Son.

I jogged up a hill this morning.
I could feel the sun against my back.
I knew when I turned around at the top of the hill, it would blind me.
As I rounded the turn, my eyes were suddenly pulling in a brightness that filled up my soul.
It really felt like that- a filling up, an overflow, an abundance.

This is what I saw...

That moment needed captured. Not just with my eyes, but with my camera.
So I caught it! I looked the sun in the eye and I snapped a picture of that most beautiful moment.

Isn't that exactly what happens when we face THE son? Isn't that what HE does for us, every time we show up thirsty? We meet Him and bask in His gifts, His grace, His love.

As I worked my way back down the hill, the sun dipped out of my sight. Still there, but not for my eyes to look upon.

Our son, Jesus Christ is always there.
Just a cloud away.
Sometimes bright, sometimes hiding, but always there.

Look directly at Him this week. Talk to Him. Listen to Him.
Thank Him.

Face the Son and be blessed friends!

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