Friday, March 7, 2014

Three Things (Inspired by Matthew McConaughey)

I didn't watch the Oscar's.
But it seems that one of the evening's highlights was the speech given by Matthew McConaughey.

He gratefully accepted the Oscars, thanked the Academy, his producers, and his family.

And then.
He said something that shocked Hollywood.
Something that pointed to our Creator.
Something that I thought was incredibly profound and quite brilliant.

He spoke of 3 things that he needed each day.

1. Something to look up to
2. Something to look forward to
3. Someone to chase

It's so true.

I love when we speak truth.
It ignites within us a spark, that immediately connects us to one another.

He made me stop and assess my three things.
So after a few days of pondering and wondering and sorting out myself.
This is what I know.

 I look up to passionate people. You know these people. People who work hard. Who find one thing they love and they go after it. They believe they are creative and use their gifts to serve. They are like air, like water and breathe hope into my soul.

I look forward to the kingdom. This world we live in is so miraculous, mysterious, and moving. Which leads me to think that the kingdom is greater than anything my earthly mind can fathom. There will be a day when tears will dry, when pain subsides, and perfection remains. That day, I anticipate.

I chase my Father, Jesus Christ. I haven't always. It's been a journey and for years He was so far out of my sight, because of choices I made and fear I lived inside. His presence is nearer to me now than any other time in my life. He will always go before me, which means there will always be a chase. But this chase I'm living now, leaves me hopeful and eager, instead of exhausted and scared.

That's my truth. My three things. My Matthew McConaughey acceptance speech.

What's yours?
Think about it today.

And in the words of MM...

All right. All right. All right.