Wednesday, January 16, 2013

everything will be okay

Today was rainy
and gray.
I didn't care though
I had a hair appointment!
Uptown Salon. One of my favorite landing places.
A place to chat, get your hair beautified, fellowship, and just relax.

Now, I love gettin my hair "did"
but I also love that I have an A-W-E-S-O--M-E stylist
that I also call my friend. She is a great mom and a great Christian.

As she was drying my hair, we noticed there was a young boy cleaning
the outside of the shops' window.

She said, "hmmm, that's funny.... no one has ever come and cleaned
my window before."He continued. Taking his time.
 Cleaning them thoroughly from top to bottom.

All of the sudden, we hear the door open and he walks in.
He quickly says hello and proceeds to clean the inside.
We continue to wonder who this boy is.
He neatly arranged everything back in its place, said goodbye, and walked
out the door.

She ran to her purse, grabbed her wallet and said she would be right back.
When she came back in she said, "He's gone." She had walked up the street,
even looked down the alley. Nowhere.

She said, "You know what's ironic, Andrea, just the other day I told my husband
we really needed to clean those windows. They hadn't been done since the spring."

So who was this kid?

We may never know.

But later she texted me and said

"You know I just feel like God was reminding through that little experience
that everything is going to be okay."
And it's so true.

Whether our windows need cleaning, a friendship needs healing, or we just don't understand
why we are going through a hard time....God is always there, always present, and always working.
From this we can always remember...

He that began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 6:1

Wishing you a window cleaning experience sometime soon!

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