Sunday, August 16, 2015

Freedom falls....

Ever so softly to the ground it falls
Carried by the breath of the earth
It is white, light, weightless

Disconnected from its purpose, no longer soaring
ever still, resting among the fallen

Freedom beautifully blows
It dances for the first time
Sings its first solo
to and fro
scattered, scared, yet strangely free.
This moments, this very moment

The sun slips from sight
Pulling back the black curtain
unveiling darkness
The wind whips it
a force
thunder claps, lightning flashes
The dance feels like a fight

How did the feeling of freedom blow so easily
from its being

A sudden hand, young a soft, picked it up, carried it,
noticing its beauty
Purpose found

To be held is to experience freedom.
The wind blew through its delicate design
Separating each fiber

His right hand was warm and gentle
Footsteps intentional
Alive and aware

What next, it wondered

A door closed.
A book opened
and carefully it found its refuge.
Now touching the very words once recorded with
feather and ink, ancient history surrounded it.

"He will cover you with His Feathers and under His wings you
will find refuge.

And with that, the book shut.
Purpose again found, resting in the knowledge of the Holy.
The feather was free.

Maybe you've released a feather of your own.
A little one, a college student, or maybe its you being released.
All of life is freefall.
An opportunity to experience freedom.

Let us remember to let each other go.
Let ourselves go.
But remember that with freedom comes responsibility.
And to experience try freedom we must rest in the hand of Jesus.
Find refuge in His word.

Holy Spirit, fall on us, like a feather caught up in the wind.
Lead us and let us find you.

He is coming.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Love rejoices in the truth...

Today I turn to the beginning.
God's imagination and creativity pour out.
The placement of all creation, finally hanging peacefully and perfectly in position.

God's goodness, God's gallery.

After the gallery though, there is more.
God speaks to his Son and the Spirit, saying, "Let us make man in our image. We need hands and feet to work within our creation." So they spin dust and create man and woman.

He speaks of multiplication and fruitfulness and provides man with a physical body, designed to fill up his gallery with life and breath.

He places them in His garden. Providing them with all they will ever need.

But sin...

Sin speaks from the mouth of the fallen. The serpent whispers a twisted truth. And the woman ponders his sneaky question.

"Did God really say?"

Today I sit in the quiet of my home. Still living under the curse from the garden. Clothed and ashamed, overwhelmed, yet unafraid.

Unafraid, because my help comes from a Savior who spoke the truth in Eden. And whose living word has and always will reign, regardless of what we proclaim on Earth.

"Did God really say homosexuality was a sin?"
"Does God require me to love everyone?"

My answer today is yes and yes.

I believe homosexuality is a sin. I believe this because the word of God says so.
I believe my personal sins are no greater or less than anyone else's and daily I confess my

There is no hatred, nor condemnation in proclaiming sin as sin.

I believe in love.
My Bible says that love is patient and love is kind.

But, it also says that love does not rejoice in wrongdoing, it rejoices in truth.

So while many celebrated what they believe to be freedom today, I wept and rejoiced in the truth that will always stand and will serve as the foundation of all that has been and all that will come.

Sometimes love looks different...

Sometimes love gets upset and rears it ugly head, not because of hatred, but because love knows there is consequences for unrighteousness.

I think of my three year old.
I love him with all my heart.
And although he is growing up into an amazing boy, I can see his sin.
His ability to listen in one moment and disobey in the next.

He needs our discipline in order to be free.
True freedom that God speaks of is found in surrender and denying one self in order to serve Jesus Christ.

There's more about this thing, love, we all seem to be fighting over...

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.

So today I believe and hope in the love we can only find in Jesus Christ.
His rainbow still stands as a reminder of his love.  His Heavenly house is lit up daily with shades of red, orange. yellow, green, and blue, colors that no man has ever seen. His victory needed no vote, no person to proclaim it.

No flag, no law, no lights on a white house, and no man can redefine what was spoken at the beginning of all creation.

May we all return to our garden, repent and be renewed.

He is coming.