Saturday, January 5, 2013

listen to your silence

What does your silence sound like?
Isn't' that some sort of oxymoron?
Shouldn't our silence be just that--- free from sound?

My silence doesn't work that way though.
My silence carries sound.

In my silence, there is a voice.
That voice. That spirit. It has been there long time.
The Holy Spirit.

While jogging this morning, I was listening to a song
 by the Ting Ting's called- Silence.

It has the perfect beat.
But what I liked most about it was the message.

Listen to your silence.
They repeated that line again and again.
I needed to hear it.

Tomorrow I am trying that.
I will listen to my silence.
In that stillness may His voice
ring loud and clear.

My silence is His voice.

Be Blessed.

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