Friday, January 11, 2013


Today I googled images for the word balance...

There were pictures of a scale, a woman on a balance beam, rocks stacked on top of one another, new balance shoes, a tight rope walker, a yin and yang symbol,  a woman on an exercise ball, and a pie chart.

Next, I looked up the definition of balance- Here is what I found...

a state of equilibrium, equal distribution of weight, mental steadiness or emotional stability, habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

Isn't this what we are all seeking?
We want balance.
We want to feel a mental steadiness, a calmness, a peace.

How do we do this?

When I saw the image of the pie chart, I couldn't help but think about what my own pie chart would look like. Would God have the greatest portion shaded? Would family? Would friends.

So, today I plan on making my pie chart!  Not sure what it will look like yet because I need to take an honest inventory of my priorities first.

What does your pie chart look like?

I'll end with this...
When you focus on the Lord, your life will come into balance, and all the areas of your life will be blessed.
Seems so simple doesn't it?

At least I know where to start  in my search for balance...

The Lord.

Be blessed and may you move and sway with your day today!

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Sara Altizer said...

Wonderful and absolutely true!! God provides balance and He's the only source we need!! Thanks for posting!!xoxo