Wednesday, January 2, 2013


i am trying something different this year.

an idea from mom (again).

an idea that starts with one word.
one word that is the focus of your year.
one word that you want to sum up the next 365 days.
one word that can change your perspective a bit.

so it's easy.
pick a word.
you have plenty to choose from.
think about it.
use it.

here's mine...

i like this word. i want this word to like me this year.
i hope to have more discipline in my health, my art, my marriage, my relationship with God, and my work. this is a tough word, but like i said, i like it.

when i'm tired..discipline.
when i'm weak..discipline.
when i'm mad...discipline.
when I feel like not running...discipline.

so here we go.
another year.
let the good times (along with the bad) roll.
and in the mean time, pick a word!

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