Friday, January 4, 2013

Creative Challenge # 1

I have a challenge for you. 
It's a fun challenge. 
It's a mixed media challenge!

I love love love mixed media art. This is basically a technique in which more than one medium is used. There is nothing greater than starting with a blank canvas and knowing you can add layers and layers of fun on top of it. Kinda like a plain vanilla cupcake--- add a layer of caramel and sea salt and you have a WHOLE new cupcake. (yes, I had one today)! 

So I found this picture below in my Ikea book tonight. I glued the words "life is full of open fields" on the page. This week I plan to add a few more layers to my picture. There is a very good chance I will add a layer of spray glitter to top it all of. Sorry, the glitter obsession must go on (at least for a bit longer). 

So, here's where you come in. 

Find a picture-- tear it out of a magazine- take a picture with a camera, use a page from an old book! It's up to you-- be creative! 

When you are finished with your art--send me picture via facebook or email ( Anyone who submits their picture will get a free lettering print on a book page of their choice from me to YOU! 

Step out.
Find a picture.
Give it a makeover!
Be creative!

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jen said...

On the lookout for my picture! Xoxo