Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Start Your Day - Lessons from a 7 month old.

One of the things I love most about my son is the way
he wakes up every morning. And when I say every. I mean every.

He wakes up gently. 
Rolls around a bit.
and lets out a little wimper.

We go into his room quietly...sometimes we crawl
in so he can't see us until we peek into his crib.
It's silly, but still fun for him (and us).

When he sees us, he always smiles.




I slowly twist the blinds open.
Telling him the day has begun.
I go on to explain the weather.

This week I have done a lot
of explaining about the rain.

What's so funny is that the
weather doesn't matter to him yet.

He doesn't get tired of the rain.
Doesn't long for the sun.
He is just happy to see us and start his day. 

Here's what he's taught me.
This picture is the best explanation

Awaken with a joyful heart.

Be grateful for what you have and where you are right now.

Be ready with hands folded, prayerfully open to what God has waiting for you.

Quench your thirst- Enjoy a cup of coffee, orange juice, water... whatever suits your fancy and receive a double blessing by opening up the word.  Our bible quenches that thirst, the thirst from our soul.

My oh my, he teaches me daily.

What will a child teach you today?
Hope your blessed with a moment that you can share too!


Chasity Heffner said...

I have always sang a chessy little 'Good Morning' song to Christian since he was about 4 months old. "Good morning, good morning! Mommy loves you, good morning! It's a new day, keep smiling, Mommy loves YOU!" It made him smile that 1st morning & it still makes him smile today:) He's never complained or told me stop, even though I know I can't sing very well. Keep doing those silly things, they are fun & create memories our babies wont forget. ~Chasity

Andrea Noles said...

I love that. i hope you sing that song to him forever and ever!