Tuesday, February 12, 2013

what is it that really keeps us going?

A friend wrote a beautiful post today about the things that keep him going.

Although the entire post was amazing...

The end was my favorite.

"...and finally my incredible wife who works so hard to keep everyone happy. Who has believed in me even when I gave up on myself. At the end of the day when she reaches across our bed and pats the mattress looking for my hand...I fall in love all over again. I smile like its the first time i've ever held her hand. I'm the most blessed man in the world! and falling asleep with her hand in mine makes my problems disappear...and reminds me to be thankful for all of these good things! This is what keeps me going...what about you?

All of us could list the things of life that keep us going.
Many would list family, friends, God, career.... all good things

So, he asked.... "what about you?"

Well Roger, for me....

It's my heart.

Yes, biologically it keeps me going day in and day out,  pumping oxygen-rich blood to every living cell in my body. 

But it's more than that....

I've "lost heart" many times throughout my life, even though my heart was still beating. 
I've also "put heart" into many days of my life.

I'm convinced there is no way you can "put heart" into everyday. 
This is where our minds must join in.
Our minds  enew us.
Our minds remind us to be thankful, when we become disheartened. 
Our minds can count the good, even in the mess.
Our minds can remember the Word if we have it stored in our heart.

Where are you right now in your journey?
Have you lost heart or are you putting your whole heart into everyday?
For me, I have days I do both.
That's the heart of life, I suppose.

As Valentine's Day is yet around the corner, make a promise to look into your heart and ask yourself "what keeps me going." 

While you think about it, enjoy a sweet song by John Mayer, The Heart of Life.
This song is for you, Drake (my super cool cousin) -- Just keep going-- You ROCK!

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