Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Journey to the Cross

Today marks the season of lent.

Our pastor, Kendell Cameron encouraged us a few years ago, to consider not just "giving up" something but adding something more to our faith.

Although there are many "things" in my life I could give up that take the place of Christ daily, instead I want to make a promise.

A promise to journey daily to his crucifixion.
A promise to remember his grace, his love, his sacrifice.
A promise to commit the Sermon on the Mount to my heart.

My mother-in-law bought me a gift for Christmas that I will forever cherish.

The Way of Light Wreath, made by Ann Voskamp's son, Caleb.

This circular wreath, made of oak, extends to a 40 day candle holder that is a visible connection towards Calvary. Each day our family will move the candle and Christ carrying his cross around the circle, while paying reverence to the greatest sacrifice our world has known.

It is my hope and prayer to continue this tradition each year with our children. Teaching them what true sacrifice really means.

If you are interested in purchasing a wreath from The Voskamp's, here is a link to there site.

I encourage you this season, wherever you are in your journey, to add something more to your faith. Show grace, love as much as possible, seek forgiveness, and be thankful for all the gifts from our great God.

Take up your cross today my friends.
Remember His journey.
A journey of grace, love, and death.
Death brought us freedom.
Death brought us eternity.

Be blessed today and throughout the lenton season.


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