Thursday, February 7, 2013


I can not tell you how many people I hear say " I am not creative."

I never let anyone get away with this.

Everyone--yes---every single person has a creative side.
Some people are musically creative. Others use their creativity 
with numbers, some with art, cooking, gardening, writing... just to name a few. 

Here is what I have been wondering lately...

Can creativity be taught?"

I am not sure it can be taught, but it can be nurtured, nourished, and encouraged.

This is where my idea of having (b.) nights at my studio came to play. I decided to decorate the top of my chalkboard in my studio with the words b.Creative and in all the frames below there are words that encourage you to just (b.) It is a bit hard to see the small frames. They say things like b. funny, wise, scientific, beautiful, calm, fun, bright, different...etc.


Our first night is called b.Creative. Together we will talk about what it means to be creative and where we feel most creative in our life. We will also create a canvas and just enjoy one another's company in the process. Each (b.) night will offer something a bit different. 

Future events will be 

just to name a few

Every event will involve creative discussion, coffee, and a project to take home. 

I am really excited to see where this goes and who will land in my space in the next few months. 
What is most comforting, is that God is my pilot right now and when He leads, life is always more creative!

I have our calendar of events planned through May. If you are interested in signing up, send me a facebook message. Each month I will send out personal invites and post events on facebook!

Be Blessed!

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