Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein is the creative mind behind this quote.

I wonder how he had fun?

Studying theoretical physics, quantum theory,
and coming up with the idea of relativity???

That was probably fun for him because he just "got it"
For me, studying physics for an hour would complete
and utter torture!

His point behind this statement is that when we
make time to add a bit of fun to our lives, creativity
will soon follow.

Since I moved into my studio in November I have had
more opportunities to have fun and use my creativity
in new ways. From parties to bible studies and days of
quiet just to read, write, and create-- Each experience has
been fun for me!

Our next event at A Place to Land is themed as

On Tuesday March 5, we will be making colorful frames and talking
about ways to add fun to your frame.
Chalkboard Paint? Cricut Cutouts? Scrapbook Paper?
Pinwheels? Buttons? Paper Flowers?

We will also be playing with different fonts.

My favorite font right now is Traveling Typewriter.
 Do you have a favorite?
I have also been practicing doodling with this font type.

 Beth Greene, owner of Busy Bees Gifts found this super cool
 font for me and used it to create my vinyl sign outside the Summey Building.
(find her on facebook-- her work is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s)!

I leave you with this question?

How do you have fun everyday?

I am eager to hear from you on this one.

If you can't leave a blog comment, just
hop on back over to facebook and leave
one there.

I truly enjoy hearing back from each and every
one of you and sincerely appreciate you taking
time from your day to read my blog!

Have a super fun day my friends!

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