Tuesday, February 26, 2013

trucks, trains, toys, and a turquoise frame

I often look at Weston's toys and wonder which ones will make the cut?
You know, just like the "Toy Story Toys." Some get boxed up, kicked around,
and some stay around for awhile.

Some of his favorites right now are his truck, his train, and his abacus.

He dumps letters out of his truck, wrecks his train everyday, and moves the beads through the tangles of loops.

I seriously l-o-v-e watching him play.

I know many of these toys may make it to his first birthday, others will be stored away and pulled out out again, and some may be passed along for anoth little guy to enjoy.

I have a favorite. It's not a toy. But, it is something I made for him before he was even born. It was one of the first things I put in his nursery. It stares back at us when we are rocking in our chair. It sits aside a lamp, and it's words will carry in my heart and hopefully his...forever.

It's a turquoise frame.
This one.

I love this simple little quote.
It's a quote I myself need to hear.

"See your road through."
How do you do that?
How do you really see your road through when you're not even sure what road you are on?

But does it really matter if we know the road's name or not?
Or does it matter if the road is bumpy or flat, long and winding?

All we have to do is see our road through.

One day I will explain this to him.
One day...
when he is learning to ride a bike or when he starts school or when he gets his first car or when a girl breaks his heart or when he goes to college.
"See you're road through Weston."
"You'll get there buddy."
"Just watch."

I hope this cheap little handmade turquoise frame will comfort him from his crib to college, from his first home to his last. And one day, after he has lived every single moment of his beautiful life. He will have truly seen his long and winding road through.

May that frame move with him wherever he goes
and the words move through him as he learns and grows
May the whispers of the road keep him on its faint path
and the night's silent music prepare him at last.
See your road through, you'll get there one day.
Just keep moving forward and you'll find your own way.

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