Thursday, February 14, 2013

He twisted his index finger slowly around a strand of my hair. His eyes turned to the floor and his head dropped to my shoulder. Peace. At least for a bit.

He suddenly pulled his head up, arched his small back, and met my eyes. His arms reached for the side of the chair. He tugged, he fought, he tried to hold on.

There's always a struggle, isn't there?

Even for an 8 month old, there is a struggle to fight between sleep and rest. Today he wanted the best of both worlds, as he spent 5 minutes deciding between the two. Sleep always wins with him. Today it just took a harder fight.

Just as a parent knows their 8 month old needs sleep to develop, our God knows the same for us.
He knows we struggle. He knows there is a fight internally. He knows our greatest needs.

Everyday we fight between the way of the World and the way of the Word.
We fight between God's upper and lower story.
Life on Earth and life in Heaven.
Doubt and Hope
Fear and Faith
Justice and Mercy

The beautiful thing about this struggle, this ongoing fight we all at times face, is that someone already been declared the winner.

His fight on the cross, gave us free victory.
His torment, his pain, his grief.
It was all for us so we wouldn't have to fight.

As we celebrate the day of love, remember the greatest love that came to Earth. He walked. He breathed. He witnessed. He taught...And he died. For you. For me. There is not a love greater than His.

Stop fighting
Let faith, love, mercy and grace take dwelling in your heart
Today and all to follow.

Happy Valentine's Day

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