Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beyond the lesson plans

Every teacher out there knows we MUST have lesson plans. They guide us, drive us, and keep us accountable as we teach our students. Every GOOD teacher out there knows that many great moments happen when we go BEYOND the lesson plan, when we aren't afraid of teachable moments.

Sometimes we tend to focus so much on what is planned, what we have on paper... we forget about those moments we have with children. Moments that matter.

Sometimes it takes a kid to remind us of such moments.

This morning I worked with my little kinder, Caydan. Together he and I have been venturing through the alphabet, learning letter names and sounds, writing sentences, and blending words. Let me tell ya, this little guy has earned his gold stars, indeed. So, today's session was scheduled for two hours.  I told his sweet momma, we may need to take a few brain breaks, because two hours of straight instruction is not an easy thing.

For the first half hour we worked hard. We read, we wrote, and we read some more.

Soon, it was time for a break.
How should we "break" I wondered?

I looked over at my "art-bar" and thought--- "he needs to paint." He has been admiring my own art on the walls for months now." So without a second thought, we got organized by grabbing our canvas, our palette, our paints, our brushes, and our jar. He was thrilled!

Now many of you know I have started my b. creative nights. So I suggested to him that we put (b. smart on his canvas). He liked the idea. As he painted, I started writing down things he said. He was so focused and so intent on creating a masterpiece. He said things like, " I didn't know I could do this, and hey we are blending paint like we do sounds and words."

I was uhhhhhmazed!
I could have never ever planned for what happened.
Allowing Caydan the freedom to create, opened up his mind.
When that happens, the possibilities are endless.

How often do we do this for our kids...truly give them freedom to create?
Are kids just stifled in thought sometimes just due to the rigor and rigidness
we place on learning?

For ALL of us (teachers, parents, kids)  this is a lesson!
Go beyond your planner, your calendar, your idea of what a day will look like.
Give yourself freedom to breathe, to create, to be YOURSELF!

Thank you Lord for a blessed day with a SMART young man!
You are going to do great things Caydan!

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