Sunday, April 7, 2013

Creative Christianity- Session 1

Good Sunday evening friends.

Over the course of the next weeks my blog will highlight happenings from our latest women's study, Creative Christianity. The purpose of this study is to shine a light on the creative gifts that our God has uniquely wrapped inside of us. Each gift was wrapped in love with a purpose and a plan.

Picture your eight year old self, opening up all your gifts on Christmas morning. You are tearing through each and every one-- filling the air with ribbons, tags, and bright colored paper. You get to that last package and look around at your mess. It's over. Just like that is open and ready to be loved.

What if God gave in that way? What if you woke up tomorrow and he gave you all the fruits of the spirit, blessed you with numerous spiritual gifts and left you with all the wisdom life had to offer?

Sounds beautiful and grand, but honestly- I'm not sure we would know how to handle such gifts all at one time.

God's gifts are given to us in His time, in His way, for His purpose.

As our character develops, our strength is built. Strength increases faith and soon-after wisdom abounds.

Think about what creative gifts God has uniquely equipped you with.
Here are a few of mine
1. writing
2. singing
3. teaching.
4. decorating

Now think about your spiritual gifts. How can you use your creative gifts to fulfill your spiritual gifts?

For example-- My spiritual gifts are primarily compassion, discernment, and encouragement.
I can use my writing and singing to relate and bring about courage in others.

Try writing a Creative Life Statement

God has uniquely equipped me with the spiritual gift(s) of __________________.
As a child of God I can use my creative gifts of _______________________________________
to __________________. (how will your use them)

This week I will pray for you. Yes, you...whoever you are and wherever you live-- I pray that God will bless you in new ways. I pray that he opens your eyes to your beautiful self and makes known your gifts He designed for you to use.

b.creative and b. blessed


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sherri ohler said...

This looks great! If I wasn't up to my eyeballs in other endeavors-I would jump right in! May God bless you & your group as you go forward!
Peace & Love,
Sherri Ohler