Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Connecting, differently.

I've never been a big fan of fitting in. Most who know me well, know who I am, where I stand, and that I tend to look at life sideways or upside down.

To me a cardboard box is an empty canvas.
An old book is an art project.
And a dead stick is the perfect stem for a paper flower.

I guess I just connect with life in my own little weird way.

It's like that with people too.

I usually try to find someway to connect with the cool, the confused, the left-out, the understood and misunderstood, the young, the old and anyone in between.

We can learn from EVERYONE!

Today I had the opportunity to connect with a new student.
He was not thrilled that he was being pulled out from his room to take the mock end of grade test.
He wanted to stay in his classroom.

This not so happy camper was in my testing group. I received fair warning about this student and was reminded to "be tough" on him. I try to "hear" advice given from others, yet I usually listen to what my heart tells me instead.

I walked over to him with my testing container, smiled at him, and said "Can you please carry this for me, it is so so heavy?" He said "sure" and grabbed the container from my hand. The oh-so-very-light container surprised him and he laughed. Connection made.

That's all it took. A smile. A simple joke. A laugh.

Here is a snippet from our Sunday study in regards to connections.

An incandescent bulb uses heat caused by an electrical current.  When electrical current passes through a wire, it causes the wire to heat.  The wire, or filament, gets so hot that it glows and gives off light.  Every incandescent light bulb has within it a filament made of tungsten.  Since the hot tungsten would quickly burn away if it were exposed to oxygen, it must be placed in a sealed glass bulb which is either evacuated or filled with a gas that won’t let it burn.

We are the light bulb. And Christ is the current, moving through us with grace and love as the and lighting our souls as servants.

Unlike the light bulb, we are not made of Tungsten and oxygen is our source of survival. We don’t need a seal. We don’t need a glass bulb around us. And we can’t get too much of our great God.

Did you connect with our creator today?
There is still time.
Make a connection my friends and be blessed. 

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