Thursday, April 25, 2013

when a stranger changes you...

"I don't belong here, I'm young, beautiful, and happy," her picture spoke.

She stood out among the others. Her blonde hair was styled,  skin was glowing, and she was smiling.

No one else was smiling.

I noticed her picture in the paper at the gas station. Yes, the paper that sits beside most registers that feature those who have been arrested in North Carolina. I blinked her name into memory and spoke a quick prayer for her. I held onto the prayer loosely and forgot about the girl a few days later.

This week she was still there.

Same smile, same eyes, and the same description of her wrong-doing under her name. Unable to walk away from her again, I bought the paper for a mere dollar.

My mind kept mulling over the question, " How can she smile for a mug shot?"

I thought about it more and less, and a bit more.

Then, a new thought took center stage.

"Why shouldn't she smile?"
She is still alive, still beautiful, and still loved by God.


and truth be known-

all of us should be in that paper.

We are all sinners in need of saving.

Maybe we haven't all been arrested, but we have all been lost, broken, or scared.

I encourage you to buy a NC slammer paper this week.
Pray for the souls screaming on the pages.
Pray for their families.
Pray for change.
And pray for God to work in their lives.

Maybe in the midst of that prayer, the stranger will change you-
 just as that girl-that picture, changed me.

I leave you with a favorite song of mine that echoed in my life a few years ago before I met my husband. I'm thankful that people heard me when I needed them.
In turn, I hope I can hear you. Wherever you are, I'll be praying for you.

Be Blessed Friends!

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