Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shower Power and then some...

Great thoughts come to me in two places.

1. The Shower
2. My Car

I've had many a great conversation with friends about the magical, creative capabilities you receive in the shower. Let's just call this "shower power" for the time being.

Shower Power is a gift and fortunately we can receive this gift every day, if we know how to open it up. There is an extensive amount of research out there linking creativity and quietness.
Now, while in the shower you not only have quiet time, but you have warm water falling on you from above.

So my formula for shower power is:
Water + Quiet = Creativity
Add some fruity shampoo or soap and LOOKOUT, this will take your creativity over the edge!

As for my car, well---great things happen there too, but in a different way.
Usually my first thought upon entering my car is... Do I want to sing? or Do I want to listen?
Some days I have a lot to say through singing and other days I need a voice, a whisper of grace, or a funny joke.

All this being said, I challenge you to take an intentional shower tomorrow morning. Step in with the intention to quiet your mind so you can hear what really matters. Step out with a new perspective, idea, or answer to a problem.

Get into your car-- sing a new song, listen to an inspiring speaker, or just be still and know you are okay. You will benefit from both!

I will leave you with this quote

Creativity is often spawned by a quiet mind
- united with a challenge.

Be blessed and be filled with shower power!

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teresa coelho said...

so glad to know i'm not alone. love the quote BTW