Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Place to Land- Summer Flight Plan

Where have you been and where are you going?

Come fly with us! This summer, A Place to Land will be offering summer tutoring on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Each student will receive their own personal flight plan, detailed with goals they will be working on throughout the summer. Together, we will look at where your child has been this past school year and where they would like to go next on their educational journey. Along with a flight plan, students will receive a passport of places they would like to research. Boarding passes will be distributed and they will receive punch-outs on their passes for successes and good behavior.

Along with tutoring, A Place to Land and Art Space are offering three summer camps. Our Garden Camp will kick off the summer, June 17-19. Students will learn about how plants grow through reading, writing, and art. Our cupcake camp is July 16-18 and students will read books about baking, paint cupcakes on canvas, and travel down the street to a local bakery for some cupcake fun! Lastly, our Pet Camp is July 29-31. Each camp will be packed with creative challenges, voracious reading, and encouraged imaginations. Registration is now open. Contact us about registering on A Place to Land or Art Space's facebook page. If you don't have facebook contact through email @

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