Tuesday, April 9, 2013

b.Cause- Madison's Missions

b.Cause we are called to care.

Taking care of people in our world is one of God's greatest calls.
Have you ever seen God in someone before?
I do all the time.

I see Him working in Madison Collier's life.
Madison is a college student at UNC Chapel Hill and attends First Baptist Church.
I met Madison a few years ago when Daniel and I helped with youth group.
I immediately noticed her leadership and love of Christ.
Fast forward a few years and she is still leading, living, and living!

This girl is on fire for God and has a passion for missions.
She blogs humbly at http://namelessandfameless.blogspot.com/
Here, she tells about why she felt called to go to London and what her purpose is in going.
Her words resonated in my heart and lit a fire in my soul to help out.

I’m excited to have God reveal to me the need in London more and more each day and how I get to be exposed to it and be a light to it for an extended period of time.  How many people get to go out in faith like this?
And it gets me thinking, what else have I memorized but have not yet mobilized?
As I dive into my sins on that last note hopefully you can ask the same thing for yourself and realize you were redeemed for a purpose and empowered to do it by the authority of Christ.

Memorized, but not yet mobilized.
Don't you love that?
We must move, people.
We must do something.

Madison is my first b.Cause.
For the next few weeks a portion of my sales from A Place to Land will go towards Madison's mission. She needs to raise about $5,000 and I have no doubt she will reach her goal.

I ask you to search your heart.
Can you help?
Maybe you can donate financially?
Maybe you can donate your time to pray for her?

If you are interested in donating to b.Cause for Madison, please send me a message on facebook or email me at alhussell@gmail.com.

Maybe you already have a cause.
Maybe you are looking for one.

If you don't, pray about it.
Our world is hurting.
Out world needs you!

b.Cause I believe everything we do and say matters
I wish you all the best Madison Collier.
You will do great things.

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