Monday, April 15, 2013

My airplane is quiet.

Sometimes I crave the quiet, especially in the morning, when my mind is still waking up.

In my home library I have a children's book called, The Quiet Book. This sweet book explores the different kinds of quiet that fill our mornings and nights.

This is how is begins:

There are many kinds of quiet:
First one awake quiet
Jelly side down quiet
Don't scare the robin quiet
Coloring in the lines quiet
Hide and Seek quiet

It ends like this:

Bubbles in the bathtub quiet
Story time quiet
Bedtime kiss quiet
Sounds asleep quiet

If I could insert a line of my own into the book, I would say...

Riding on a airplane quiet
Looking out the window quiet

Usually (not always) airplanes rides and so quiet and peaceful to me.

This morning my airplane is quiet.
My airplane is thankful.
My airplane is ready.

Think about the kind of quiet you love most.

May your soul experience peace that passes understand, love that anchors faith, and hope that bridges the past, present and future.

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