Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let this weekend inspire you...

What does your weekend runway look like? I plan to ease slowly on this weekend's runway and take off full throttle this afternoon as we celebrate my father-in-laws birthday!

Weekends give some of us freedom to rest, others freedom to move, but all weekends, like everyday- give us freedom to inspire. Let the beauty of the weekend move you gracefully from one place to the next.

Maybe you will be inspired in your kitchen, or outdoors, or maybe you will hear a song that makes everything okay for that moment.

1. Kitchen Inspiration

Do you have an old pan, or a cake mold that you haven't used in a long time?
Fly over to and check out her super easy/cute tutorial on how to make a wreath using a cake mold.

I am working on mine and will post pictures when finished!

2. Outdoor Inspiration

Try something new! Plant something you have never planted. Grow veggies. You just may love it.
This year I am adding lavender to my mix and can't wait to see how it grows.

3. Music Inspiration
Find a theme song for the weekend. Something that represents where you are in your journey.
This weekend I'm letting Ellie Goulding's anthem, Anything Could Happen, ring in my ears, bounce through my bones, and saturate my mind as I'm in a place (as we all are)-- where anything could happen in a moment.

Thanks for landing friends...

Enjoy your next flight!

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