Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Art in your Heart

Hi friends!
I've been a bad bad blogger.
I've been writing, just not here.
So, tonight I will share with you a piece of a kids book I am working on. 
The illustrations should be super-fun for this one!

Hope you enjoy it!

The Art in your Heart
There’s a place in your heart
with lots of light
It glitters and shines
and radiates bright
There’s canvases, brushes, and 
paints galore
Doodles and stripes
and so much more
There’s polka dots, squiggles, 
and peppermint trees
Butterflies, fairies, and
bumble bees
It’s the prettiest, happiest place in your heart
It’s easy to find if you just need to start
So pick up a paintbrush, some paper and pen
make your first mark and creation begins
There’s art in your heart
It’s inside every beat
and when you find it
Your heart is complete.

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