Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reading the end of the story...

Yesterday I tried something new with some of my readers at school.

Instead of our normal "let's read a book" routine, I decided to begin with the end of the story.

So we turned to the back of the book and I told the students we would read "knowing" the outcome, and look for all the details leading up to the ending.

They loved it.
They were engaged.
And they looked a little closer.

As a blogger, I tend to look for stories within stories.
I look for a deeper meaning. A takeaway from an experience.

After reading the book backwards, I couldn't help but think about our lives in Christ.

I thought about His life and how he knew the outcome.
He knew His death was the only way. The only way to save us from our own selves and the sin of the world. I wonder what that felt like.

We will never know the outcome of a day.
Only our Father who art in heaven knows our ending.

May we live today within His grace and love.
May we show the world his Glory.
And live with an eternal purpose.
Because we do know there is place He is preparing.
A place for us to land.
His home. In heaven.

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