Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 9~ Forgetting and Remembering

Life is but a cycle of forgetting and remembering.

We forget to pick up the milk at the grocery store, but we remember to get a card to encourage a friend.
We forget the answer to number ten on a test, but remember the rest.
We forget about the love of Christ, but we remember to love our family.

Life is but a cycle of forgetting and remembering.

Have you forgotten about the artist you were as a child?
The artist who used crayons and glue, and paste.
(Do they even make paste anymore?)
The artist who spent days in coloring books.
The artist who thought nothing scary of a blank canvas.

Please remember.
Remember the freedom you felt when you created as a child.
Remember the messes you made and didn't care.
Remember who you were before people started telling you who you were.

Who were you?
Who are you?

Take a little time today and remember what art meant to you and what it means to you.

Note the differences.
Remember what matters
And forget what doesn't.

How should one proceed if troubled by memories which one knows ought to be dismissed from the mind but which obsessively haunt it? Keep away from every place likely, by association, to revive unhappy memories. Besides thus weakening the chain of associations that would help to hold miseries in remembrance. Make it a point to develop an entirely different chain- and go with it with enthusiasm. - H. Addington Bruce

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