Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 16~ Art Aliens

"Welcome to Flower World."

That's what she would say to you upon entering her studio.

Isn't that cool? Isn't that unique?
And the reason she would say that to you, is because this girl makes the MOST beautiful flower paintings I have ever soon.

Her name is Lullie Wallace.
And her studio is in downtown Charleston.
Have you heard of her?
If not, go check out her work at http://

I recently read an interview with Lulie and this is what the writer had to say...

"Last week I spent a morning with Lulie in her studio and chatted about lattes, painting, letterpress, and everything else under the sun. To say that this girl is inspiring is just not enough. Lulie's the kind of girl who sticks with you long after you leave her side... kind of like her art. And like her, the longer you look at her colorful pieces, the more you find to love."

Wow! What a compliment. 
"She sticks with you long after you leave her side."
And in reference to her art...
"the more you look, the more you love."

I wanted to know more about this artist. So I read her bio on her webpage...

In my life, I find myself attracted to the aliens around me. These aliens are not the kind that travel to earth in UFOs, but are the objects that, at first glance, appear to be everyday objects, but upon a closer look, are distinguished by uniqueness and character. If I am purchasing something that is going to be a part of my everyday life, I seem to gravitate towards furniture, clothing, jewelry, and art that have a bit of an alien quality to them. They look as though they’ve been plucked from somewhere else, but feel at home in my life.
My aliens take form in a lime green tabletop, a magenta shadow, or in vibrant teal greenery. A painting of flowers in a vase is an obvious subject matter to most collectors or observers, but what I want my art to achieve through color, shape, and texture is the balance of uniqueness, character, and honest materiality.

Hmmmm. Aliens.
I've never thought of art in that form.
But it's so true. 
I too have certain objects, designs, and patterns that attract me and somehow take up residence inside me and need to come back out in my own creative way.
And that's exactly what art is meant to do. 
It's meant to pour into you and pour back out of you in your unique and honest way.

Just like Christ, right?
He pours in and back out again.

Today, I challenge you to pay attention to your artistic aliens.
Look closer.
Look again.
And again.

Take a moment and listen to Lulie talk about her collaboration with Katherine and Jay of Hope Heals. They have a POWERFUL story. I love her mention of Christ. I love when artists bring their gifts back to Him. 

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