Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 17~ When the happy runs out...

A new journal.
And a 2nd cup of coffee.

A few of many life's pleasures that bring about happiness.
A temporary, not forever, momentary happiness.

Coffee cups empty.
Journals get filled.
Blankets eventually wear.
And yes, that 2nd cup of coffee ends too.

So what happens when the happy runs out?
What happens when the things of this world are gone and we are left with only ourselves?

Yesterday I heard a sermon about happiness and its fleeting appearances.
Louie Giglio shared a story about a friend who loves coke.
And every time he saw his friend, he had a coke in his hand.

But he reminded us, that every coke bottle, just like coffee will come to an end.

There are only a few things in the life that are constant.
One being God's love.
Another being the art he has placed inside you.

The two are always there.
Awaiting still.
Ready to be poured out.

Find that joy in God and art today and dwell in the joy that both can bring.

How will you use your God today?
How will you use your art God gave you?

Go be a blessing and paint the world with grace and love.
And when your happy runs out...
Jump for joy and share the light.


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