Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4~ Heart Break

Do you remember your first heart break?

That immature love, that wasn't really love, but you were convinced it was because your heart said so. The person you penned a heart around in your class yearbook and wrote love letters to in Biology lab?

Yeah, that one.

Maybe your heart broke a little or maybe it broke a lot.
Maybe it felt like a crack or even a whole.
Even still, it hurt.

And then you got over it,right?
I thank the good Lord for allowing heart break to happen.

Our hearts were made to break.
At times in our lives we face this temporary brokenness.
But what we don't see is that our hearts are being reshaped to be ready for what God has planned.

So what happens when our hearts are cracked and life seems empty?

Sometimes we start filling those cracks with grout.
We fill it with unhealthy relationships, sin and destructive lifestyles.
And pretty soon our hearts are all sealed up and cold.

What if those cracks were meant for art?
For you to fill up with what is already in you?
The parts of you, you have forgotten.

Think about your story and what parts of your story caused heart break.

Maybe you're ready for a filling.
Maybe you need to color again.
Or paint.
Or sing.
Or dance.

I hope you're getting there.
I hope you're thinking differently about what kind of artist you are.
Because you are.

Until tomorrow,


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