Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 8~ The Art of Prayerfully Serving

He said he was too young.
Too afraid to speak.
And not qualified for the job.

Service and prayer was his art.

He was persecuted by his own family.
He was plotted against by the people of his hometown.
He was rejected and reviled by friends in the religious world.

Service and prayer was his art.

He brought light to his city, during the darkest of times.
He was the weeping prophet.
He was Jeremiah.

You are not too young.
Or old for that matter to serve.
And yes, you are not qualified.
Most aren't.
Qualifications are not a requirement.
They are found when the service is started and finished.

Prayerfully serving means placing priority to connect first with the Father.
He exalts those who come to him. To those who cry out for wisdom and knowledge.
He is the provider.
We are the acceptors.

To whom will you serve today?
Where will your feet tread?
And what will your eyes behold?
How will your ears hear?

May you experience the beautiful art of serving prayerfully in as many moments as possible.

Until tomorrow,


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