Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2~ What is your Art?

I've always loved the fact that so many words can be found inside the word, "heart".


As a literacy teacher, I'm always asking my students to seek out patterns within words.
Last week I was working with a group of second graders and we were coming up with words that ending with -art. One student said "heart." I stopped briefly and shared with them the words found within heart.As I wrote them down, the Holy spirit whispered...

"He who hears with the ear, will find the art in the heart."
I said it aloud to my students. They said, "hey, that's cool."
They probably didn't understand the meaning, but maybe a seed was planted.

So tonight, as your friend, I'm asking you to seek out the patterns in your own heart.
Because what the heart knows by heart, the heart knows.
And when we know who we are and what's inside us, we find an outpouring of creative gifts to share with the world.

What did you hear today?

I heard busses traveling, crayons coloring, students reading, airplanes flying, music blaring, and my son breathing. Just to name a few.

All beautiful music played by the lives of other human beings.

My art is music. My art is encouragement. My art is loving and listening. My art is creatively connecting with the human heart and leaving my signature everywhere I go.

What's your art?

Dwell on what art is to you and what you want it to be.
Dwell on your gifts, your passions, and your talents.
Are you using them?

I'm praying for you and I'm praying the next 31 days will transform the condition of your heart as we make space for what matters.

Walk into tomorrow remembering this thought...

"The quickest way we can make our lives better is to make time for the things we love because, when we are doing what we love, we are serving the world in a way we were designed to."

Take your heart to work with you, if you work.
Keep your heart at home, if you stay home.
Whatever you do, pay attention, close attention.
Glimpses of God are given daily.
Listen and look.
Seek and find.

Until tomorrow,


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