Wednesday, May 8, 2013

when someone calls you friend...

"See you later, friend."
That's what she said to me as I walked out the door.
She called me friend.

This morning, I spent a little time at SPLAT! (an amazing coffee shop in Mount Holly)
And a little FYI-- their Ethiopian coffee is the best cup of perfect!

I walked up to the counter and she said, "Let's Talk."
We discussed my business, A Place to Land. We talked about teaching and her experience teaching in China. We talked about God's bestowing of gifts and creativity. We just talked.

Coffee shops just have a way of bringing out the souls of people. They bring out the real, the raw, and the relaxed. 

The incredible thing about this morning though, is that she and I have only spoke three times.
Yet, as I left, she called me friend.

I have another friend who is there for me
He says, "Good morning, friend."
"Good afternoon, friend."
And he even says,
"Good evening, friend."

My Father, who abides in Heaven, whose name is hallowed and his kingdom is to come...
wants to be my friend.

My Father, who sees my ugliness, loves me anyway, and dispenses grace daily...
wants to be my friend.

What a peace that brings.

My Father, our maker, has blessed my life with so many friends.
Many I wish I could see/talk to more often.
What a gift.
What a blessing, to have a friend.

Below is a quick video of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" by Alan Jackson. As you listen
think about a friend you love, a friend you haven't spoken to in awhile, or even a friend who hurt you...
Call them.
Write them a note.
Say a prayer for them.
And thank God for them.

I love you friend.
Good night.

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