Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today is the only May 9, 2013 and you'll never get it back...

A few days ago I was releasing a few worries to my husband. He's quite the listener. He paused for a bit, and sincerely said... "Andrea, you will never get this Tuesday back."

What a crazy-true thought.

So here I write, two days later, carrying with me the moments of yesterday and the day before.
It's funny how so much can happen in 48 hours that change you.

We step into each untold moment,  every unsung second and are required to live it.

The beautiful/scary thing is that free will lets us sing out our moments.

We choose.

I pray today I chose grace and love and courage.

Sing your song.
Write your story
Paint your heart
and share His glory.

You will never get today back.
Make it the best May 9 ever.

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