Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I love Jesus but I HATE lawnmowers...

Did I mention in the title that I HATE lawnmowers?
I guess I shouldn't hate the lawmower itself, I just hate the act of lawnmowing.


Tonight we were in a bit of a pickle.
Mr. Husband had to be at church for a meeting and our grass looked 8 kinds of bad. It needed cut.

Well let me give you a little background story.
Before saying, "I do," we both agreed on certain roles/responsibilities we would each have. Although I am a believer that men and women should know how to do as much as they can independently-- there are just some things that are done better by the other spouse.

I let him know UPFRONT that I hated mowing the grass and that I would prefer to take care of the flowers and my herb garden.
I don't mind the work or the sweat, I just don't believe in perfect lines and I certainly don't believe in pushing a heavy object sideways, up a hill.

Sometimes though, ya just gotta step up. And tonight I stepped up alright.
I tried to stay positive and I told myself I could do it.
Umm. no, I couldn't-- the more I tried, the more I failed. And the more I failed the more angry I got and the curvier the lines got.
Tufts of grass sprung up in places I had missed. This was just not a good scene.
I imagined the neighbors laughing from their windows as I had to pop wheelies because the mower kept getting stuck in random holes in the ground.

After about 20 minutes I see "old faithful" coming around the corner and he pulls up in the driveway smiling. He says thank you and tells me the grass looks great.
It didn't.
Not compared to his perfection.

So why I am telling you this?
I am telling you this because sometimes we have to do things we HATE!

I was never allowed to use that word growing up. If I did my mother would say, "Hate is such a strong word, Andrea."
Well, now I'm all grown up and just feel like saying, I will always hate mowing grass.
But I will always love Jesus.
And when you love Jesus, sometimes ya just gotta step up.
He did, didn't he?

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