Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Speak Life... Why tonight was a favorite

I'm nominating tonight's event, Pool Noodle Wreath's as my favorite.

Part of it was because we gave those noodles the best makeover of their lives.

But really, the best part of tonight was the people.

The people who took time from their busy lives, who came and sat and crafted and shared and spoke life into my studio. That's my favorite.

Life is spoken into the walls every time we gather there. Inside those walls...People learn. People inspire. People celebrate their creativity.

These were some of the words I heard this evening...

"I can just relax here."
"I'm a quiet crafter."
"I love how you made that flower."
"Show me how you did that."
"I'll see you next time."

and more than words tonight, I heard the sweetest sound of all...


We laughed so hard about so many things that would have gone unspoken had we not gathered together.

Stories were passed, songs were sung (that's right, Wildflower) and creativity reigned as Queen this evening.

Life was spoken.

How did you speak life into someone else's today?
Maybe thru a card, a word, a hug?

People need people more than ever.
People need to know they are loved.
People need to know they have a friend who will come running.
People need encouragement spoken into their souls.

Be that person people need.
And remember, if you need a friend
You know where to come.

A Place to Land~

Night everyone.

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