Monday, May 6, 2013

For when you need to know God is there...

When hands of ninety one years clench a hand five times smaller, not even a year old...

you know.

And when those hands give a gift built from legos and that gift is an airplane for your son...

you know.

When a man has a hard time remembering the here and now, but can remember every moment from World War II and wants to tell you about it.

And when you step into a room and see airplanes hanging from the ceiling, medals from war and you see this picture. This picture was my go-ahead from God. The picture that told me to keep writing.

you know.

When an outstretched arm cradles the back of your child's head and you know that same arm guided the path of a World War II airplane. When what he fought for was this very moment...
you know.

When you see the face of the man, sixty years ago and courage stands behind the eyes and freedom rings through pins on a uniform...

you know.

When your heart has carried around hopes of becoming a writer and you toil over perfect words and brilliant ideas, and you research and document and wonder if it even matters.

All this happens in a moments notice and you just know God is right there.

There are days that pass by and I don't feel a thing and don't know much at all. Days when my faith flounders, hope hides in the corner, and worry wavers above me.

But today, I knew.
I knew God purposefully planned for an afternoon with a friend.

I want you to know something.
I want you know God is there, holding on to your hand, clenching your head in his palm, working all things in your life for good.

Be still tonight my friends.
Just be still
and know.

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