Sunday, May 12, 2013

If walls could talk...A Mother's Day Card for my mom.

You know the saying, "If your walls could talk, what would they say?"

Well, this year, my walls have a lot to say.

They have a lot to say about my mom.

I shall deem this piece "Chalk-Talk."

My walls say that you are lovely, and beautiful, and the perfect cup of tea.

They shout that you are strong, and courageous, and as solid as rock.

They whisper things like a faithful follower, a memory maker, and a story teller.

They remind everyone in the room of your bold, adventurous spirit.

They tell of your secrets of skydiving and frog-gigging.

My walls ask for colored chalk, because all the moments you live are bright and beautiful, and lovely.

My walls talk about the emptiness that found you, the love that saved you, and the happily-ever-after you are now living.

My walls could go on and on, leaving no space for a break, because there is so much to say, when someone is so good.

My walls say thank-you from a daughter who admires you and tries her hardest to be a mom like you were.

My walls say...

Happy Mother's Day.

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