Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Home for my Books

I'll admit it. I think I am a bit of a book addict. Always have been. I started my love of books in 1st grade when my teacher began a contest to see who could read the most books. My mom was a teacher, and I begged her to bring home books every night! Sure enough, by the end of 1st grade, I had read well over 2,000 books. I consider this is good addiction. Nothing that requires therapy or medication.... just time and a cozy chair. I like having a variety of books stationed in different parts of my house. Now some people like having one book going at a time. (My husband) Here are a few of the books I am currently reading that can be found throughout my home.

Living Room Book
This book is in my living room and has already provided me with non-stop laughter. The story is set a small town in the south and the main character wants to leave her little town and find greater things. The Dairy Queen is where she and her sister meet to plan their future, while eating dilly bars. My father in law gave me this book after her read it.

Living Room Books Cont.
These books spend their time in my living room, resting on our glass coffee table. These are great books to pick up and inspire thoughts and ideas as well as interest a guest while visiting.

These are two gardening books that traveled from my grandmother's shelves in West Virginia. I am hoping they will provide Daniel and I new gardening tips as we anticipate what will come of our garden this year. Tomatoes, spinach, and peppers... oh my!

Kitchen Book
While shopping in downtown Charleston, Daniel and I found this book in Williams and Sonoma. We started flipping though it and kept saying, "Oh, that looks good." After little thought, we decided that this would be our Charleston souvenir! Each page makes you want to spend more time in the kitchen enjoying food!

Before Bedtime Books
I have been reading Tracey Hogg's Baby Whisperer book. It is interesting and has lots of neat ideas.

Morning Books
This is my basket of books that I keep in my cozy corner. I read these books during my morning devotion time. This basket houses, The Power of a Praying Wife, Mark for Everyone, My Solo Devotion, My Bible, The Incredible Christian, 1000 Gifts, the Art of Loving God, and Live to Make a Difference.

As I think about my love for books, I think about Mrs. Eishenhaur, Mrs. Hartenbach, Mrs. Alleman, Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Blake. My K-4th grade teachers that left a lasting impression on my life as a reader, instilling a love that has grown since I was a child.
It all started with a teacher and it never ends. I love teachers and am thankful to be one!

Be Blessed Friends!

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Ginni said...

Aahhh...once again, you speak and I think!! We must be long lost sisters! I, too, usually read more than one book at a time. In fact, I checked out 4 books at the church library and started reading 3 of them! I get so excited about reading what I have chosen that I can't wait to finish one to start I just start all of them! Thanks for your insights, dear Andrea! :)