Thursday, March 10, 2011

Different Eyes

As an educator, I have been blessed with the gift of working with children and teaching them about our world and how to live in it. As an educator, I teach children how to read, write, speak, and think. What a privilege! As an educator, I not only teach, but I am taught. Kids teach me new things everyday. Today I noticed one of my students was saying the words, "Snip-Snip-Snip," as he cut his "ch" and "sh" picture cards apart. Remembering that I had said the same thing last week when I was helping him cut his cards, I said, " Seth, I heard you say snip-snip-snip while cutting." He said, " Yeah Mrs. Noles, that is what you say when you cut."
I stopped and my first thought was "Hallelluah, he has been listening." But my next thought was, wow-- how powerful my words are and what an impact they can have. I thought of this more throughout the day!
Later this evening, I came home and noticed that my mom had posted a Youtube video about some of our friends at her church. Once again, I was blessed the children in this video. Once again, I learned another lesson. This lesson was about perspective. Please take the time to listen to the story of two children, Luke Blain and Allie Greenlee. Both have a strong connection with each other and with the Lord. Watch and Be Blessed!

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Lisa Hutson said...

I was so incredibly blessed by the video you posted. It is truly wonderful to see these two special children and the relatioship that they have together. There is a reason why the Bible tells us to have faith like a child. There are no barriers between the two of them. We, as adults, need to love people and see the world through the eyes of Him, Jesus Christ. Thanks so much for sharing this.