Monday, March 28, 2011

Young House Love Inspiration

One of theeeee best blogs can be found at . This blog is written by a husband and wife, John and Sherry Petersik. They devote much of their time to renovating older homes. I love to watch their ideas become projects and projects become masterpieces. They are so funny and offer so much advice on how to be a DIY(er). A few weeks ago, I read about a project they were doing in their living room. They wanted to add color behind their couch with eight frames they had purchased from Ikea. However, they wanted the cost to be low, but the outcome to be beautiful. While contemplating art that could be framed, they considered the idea of putting scrapbook paper in the frames, until they could decide on something they liked. After a trip to Michaels and $5.88 later.... this was born...

This was the picture. The picture that had me sold. The picture that my husband and I agreed would give us inspiration to create our own 8 frame art.
Saturday provided the perfect opportunity to get our frames hung, since the rain kept us captive inside.

First, Daniel took my butcher paper, rolled it out, and traced around the outline of the frame. This would give us a good visual to figure out the placement of our collage. (We got this idea from Young House Love). Then, I placed them on the wall by eyeballing where I thought they looked good.
Next, I called in the husband again. He checked my placement with his handy dandy level and sure enough, I was pretty close, but slightly off. He adjusted my mistakes and began hammering. He is so good with perfect measurement (me... not so much).

After careful thought and careful precision measurement by my awesome husband, as well as sanding and repainting where scratches were made, we were ready to hang our work. We pulled the paper from the wall and put up our art in its place. This was the final result.

We were both pleased as the spring colors changed the feel in our home. I love the way they all compliment each other! What project are you working on? Please tell me about it! In the meantime, I can't wait to see Spring reveal itself.... as our days get longer, weather gets warmer (excluding the past few days) and yards liven up with beautiful flowers. Be Blessed by the beauty God gives us!

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jen said...

GORGEOUS~even prettier than the 'original'!