Thursday, September 5, 2013

When you watch learning, real learning...

One thing I love about my studio is watching authentic learning take root in my students. From there I watch ideas grow and do my best to water their ideas with that I have learned about teaching. But mainly, I believe they know how to grow, they just need belief. They need encouragement. They need love. Because when they are learning about what they want to learn, what God built inside them to carry out, amazing and beautiful things overflow.

I've seen it over and over again with one of my students. He is an idea machine. Constantly using his creativity to fuel his work. I love being a part of the growing of his mind, and offering my part of it as well. I know he will go far in life.

This particular student loves drawing the "Life is Good" stick guy, but he made his own little stick figure. His looks different. It's unique. Just like him.
He knows the value of putting your own spin, on another's ideas.

After seeing him use this stick figure in so many of his illustrations, we decided to read up on the background story of the Life is Good guys.

We researched. Printed Articles. Highlighted interesting facts. But in all the research, we mainly discovered the guys behind the t-shirts were just regular guys who lived out a van for awhile, selling
 t-shirts door to door. What made them achieve was their momentum. They didn't stop learning and growing. That's real learning.

He wrote about what he learned.
He made another sketch of his stick guy version.
And today...
He made this tshirt.

I love it.
I want one.

He was proud of His work.
And I was blessed to watch the life cycle of this simple stick figure.
The life cycle of learning.
Real learning.

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