Wednesday, September 4, 2013

broken crayons

Last week I was working on a lesson at school.

I needed crayons to outline what I was wanting to emphasis.

As I outlined, I thought about how most of us stop using crayons when we grow up.
We think we are too big, too old to grasp something so small and child-like with our grown-up hands.
We let go of the former things of life. We are too busy to think about crayons. 

I continued coloring.
Then I thought about all the broken crayons I've seen as a teacher.
Crayons that break because of too much pressing. Too much pressure.
Crayons can only take so much.
Then snap-- what was once whole, is separate. 
Yet, the color still remains.
The crayon still has purpose.
It can still be used.

And friends, so can we.
The lesson here is that we are all those broken crayons.
We come broken.
We come used.
We come separated in pieces, fragments.

Yet, our maker sees us.
All that we have been.
And he bonds us, and still uses us for good.
Because he knows what we still have in us.
He lets our colors shine through the broken cracks of our lives.
If we let Him.

So today, I challenge you to pick up a crayon.
Press it lightly onto a sheet of notebook paper.
Write the words
"I am broken and beautiful."
While remembering that one day you will be made whole by your Father.

We are broken crayons.
We are still capable of coloring the world.
One moment at a time.

Color the world today.

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