Saturday, September 14, 2013

Words we say matter...

Being featured on someone else's blog is always humbling.
Because when someone writes about an experience with you, it is personal and it deep and it reminds you of God's faithfulness.

This summer, as some of you know, I attended a conference called, She Speaks.
This conference changed me as a writer. I found a deeper connection with God and found a new voice I hadn't heard.

I met so many friends, just in a day. I connected with writers who shared the desires of my heart and mind. Conversations were easy and meaningful and authentic.

I met a friend.
Our souls connected.
And we both knew God intended our lives to intersect.

Yesterday she wrote about her experience and how one comment I made to her, changed her.
I didn't know what would happen after that conference and she didn't either.
But God knew.

Please bounce over to her page
and read about this awesome experience.

Speak life into someone today.
You never know how what you say could change their life.

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Lizzie Branch said...

blessed. running over and trickling down. oceans of blessings. thank you friend.