Monday, September 2, 2013

reading. watching. listening (what i'll be up to in September)

So, September.
We meet again.
I'm awake.
Breathing still.
Ready for your show.
There is a lot to be learned.
A lot to be seen
And a lot of Jesus living and loving to do.

So, September...
I'll do my part, if you will do yours!
Let's make it good, what do you say?

Here's what I'll be up to...

What I'll be reading.

1. Wonder- THIS BOOK IS BREAKING MY HEART. Right now I am on pg. 91 and have reread so many perfect sentences. Sentences that I wish we could make kids understand. Reading a young adult fiction book is refreshing and so relevant to my big-girl life because inside I'm still little. This book is about a boy who has a facial deformity and what he experiences everyday. His favorite day is Halloween because he is able to put on a mask and no one stares at him. My favorite line in the book so far is "Everyone born of God, overcometh the world."

2. Chase- By Jenny Allen  God is already using this book in MIGHTY ways as our women's group is wrestling through it. We are learning about the heart of David and why his life was a model for us, even as sinner. (Because aren't we all, oh yes yes.)

3. The Genius of Generosity- Daniel and I are currently reading this book and wow, is it a great book if you are turning your finances over to God. Chip Ingram is one of our favorite pastors and I can promise you this book will inspire you to check your heart and your checkbook.

4. 1 Peter- Tomorrow I will begin reading this new testament book and digging in deep to learn more about hope and holiness.

What I'll be watching. (The list is short because I'm not much of a TV gal).

1. Panthers Football (we are looking pretty good this season)
2. Nostalgia for the Light- A documentary about the Atacama desert. The driest place above sea level on earth, where astronomers gather to observe the stars.
3. Mr. Holland's Opus- an oldie but goodie and a fabulous movie for teachers and families.

What I'll be listening to.
1. Christa Wells: Feed your Soul

2. Volcano Choir: Repave
3. Sara Bareilles- The Blessed Unrest
4. Watermark- A Grateful People
5. Chip Ingram and Jonathan Martin Podcasts

So there ya have it!

Let us take moments of our month to remember the the excitement that a new school year brings, but let us also remember the pain our nation felt 12 years ago. If you get a chance, please listen to Green Day's song, Wake me up when September ends. I googled its meaning and discovered this.

In this song Armstrong reveals his feelings about his father who died in September of 1982 when Armstrong was 10 years old. However this is not the only meaning that this song bears. For most Americans the month of September is associated with the 9/11 terrorist attacks of 2001. A lot of people have lost their loved ones to that tragedy andSeptember (which comes on the album as track 11) is connected not only to the death of the author's father, but also to the families of the victims of 9/11, and the pain of losing loved ones in general. This is a song of wisdom and acceptance. "Drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are" - the realization of the fact that everything we go through, all the pain and losses, all the hardships we meet along the way are meant to make us stronger and shape our personalities.

Read.Watch. and Listen this Septemeber friends.
And please, please share what you are up to with me.
I love learning and hearing about you too!

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Teresa Glenn said...

HI Andrea!
Love your words! And this theme. Your plans are inspiring.
I also enjoyed wondering around your blog this morning.
God's grace and blessings to you!