Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What do you believe our hearts hold?

Question for the day...

What does your heart hold?

Before we answer this let's first talk about the heart as organ. The living, beating, pump we have stored within each of us.

Our hearts hold arteries, veins, ventricles, an aorta, atriums, a brevis and an apex.

Although all of these parts work together, they are also divided into four chambers.

The heart dwells as a divided organ.

When did your heart start beating?

Mine started sometime in November of 1982.
Isn't it amazing to think that our hearts begin beating only 21 days after conception?
And from that day forward, our hearts beat with every moment that passes.

All of what you just read is factual. We know much about the human heart scientifically.

But what do we know of the parts of the heart that are invisible and mysterious and real?

What else dwells there?

For me, my heart is packed, yet open. It gets broken and put back together, again and again.
It is where I hope, I dream, I desire.

For me, my heart is where Christ resides.
And if Christ dwells there, it is my job to keep it as clean, pure, and holy as possible.

This of course, involves the renewing of the mind.
I have read many articles about the heart and mind and how closely they communicate.
And I believe when your mind is renewed, the heart renews itself.

In order for my heart to be a dwelling place for Christ, I have to purify my thought life.
My mind, where my soul resides, is a battlefield.
And if I'm not fighting that battle, then the world wins every time.

When I set my mind on things above, my heart has more space for Christ.

What does your heart hold?

Think about your dwelling place.
Think about what lives inside you.

Make space to breathe in Christ's love and grace tonight friends.

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